Walguided-walkking holidays may sound like the kind of thing you do by yourself or with someone else who has the same passion that you do. Self-guided walking holidays are a popular choice, especially for seasoned hikers.  But there are now a good number of guided walking holidays available and some clear reasons why these are worth considering.

Safety in numbers

One of the first things to consider is if you get into trouble on a walk by yourself, can you get help? Sure if you have a little fall, you can grab a mobile phone and ring for assistance. But what if you can’t access your phone or are in a no coverage area? Walking even on level areas can be a little dangerous and accidents can happen on the most benign of terrain. By choosing a guided walking holiday, you are accompanied by someone who has knowledge of the area and is simply there if something bad happens.

Jetting off to an adventurous part of the world and exploring out of the way areas is a major benefit of walking. But it can also leave you vulnerable, especially if you don’t know the area. By taking a guided holiday, you can see the best and worst of a place but avoid those spots that tourists of any sort should never venture near.

Insider knowledge

One of the biggest things about going on a guided holiday is simple – a local knows more about the area than you do. Let’s face it, when you are in your local zone, you could tell someone which routes to walk, where the weather comes from, spots to avoid, great places to have a break and a thousand other little tips. By using a professional guide for your walking holiday, you can access someone else’s knowledge of their area in the same way.

Another bonus of a local guide comes in when you are away from English speaking countries. Unless you are fluent in the language, there can be issues with a breakdown in communication. But by walking with someone from the area who speaks the language, this problem goes away.

Many companies offering this kind of break know what they are doing. Walking goes at the pace you want with the guide fading into the background if required. You can organise an itinerary ahead of time or simply follow where they suggest when you get there.

Group walking

While walking on your own is a great thing, there are also benefits to walking in a group, even if they are complete strangers. Walking with other walkers can spur you on, something that is ideal for people new to the experience. Group walking holidays often put you together with others of a similar experience and ability so that you don’t end up ahead of the group or lagging behind.

Whatever type of walking holiday you choose, the key is to getting the right grade of walk for your ability. Even regular walkers should be aware that some walks can be extremely demanding so talk to the travel companies beforehand to make sure you get the right walk so the holiday is fun, not too gruelling.

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